Starting in 1968 E/One developed the concept of a household grinder pump and since then has successfully pioneered the advancement of LPSS applications all over the world. Built in Niskayuna, NY and more reliable and rugged than ever, E/One is celebrating over four decades with the release of the Extreme series grinder pump.

E/One Indoor Station IH091: 1 pump, HPDE, 91 gallon capacity
The IH091 is ideal for new construction where the grinder pump station will be installed inside the home. The clean design looks at home with other appliances in the mechanical room.

E/One D-Series
The D-Series is E/One’s most popular product line. A range of station heights is available to accommodate shallow to very deep burial requirements. Stations are available with one or two grinder pumps, depending on the tank chosen.

E/One Upgrade Pump
The Upgrade from E/One is a replacement grinder pump engineered to fit into virtually any grinder pump wet well. Universal design allows easy drop-in conversion, ready to connect. The Upgrade is a complete replacement for all of the troublesome components of a centrifugal pump, including slide rails, pump/motor, float switches, piping and motor control devices

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